This Man touched My Life …

hinckley_portrait_MD We all have our place we go in our hearts for peace and they work for us or we would leave those places to find another.  Because mine is found in my faith in Jesus Christ and my belief in the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I can’t help but comment today, again, on the life of Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley, whose funeral I have just participated in via the television airways.

Hearing of his life, his stamina, his endurance for ninety-seven years makes me want to be a better person.    It makes me want to reach out more not only to my friends and neighbors but also to recognize more deeply the needs of people throughout the world.   One of the things President Hinckley has been known for is his humanitarian efforts world wide.     What little I can do, I will do.

Another thing that sits on my mind this afternoon is how in spite of his age and the infirmities that are inevitable he also was undergoing treatments for cancer and would have had the discomfort from chemotherapy and those medications.     You would never have guessed he wasn’t in the best of health.   He worked in his office and with his associates up until a few days before his death.    Imagine … at ninety seven years old!

I can’t imagine that I will possibly live to be ninety-seven, but if I do I can’t visualize me traveling the world and getting up every day to face responsibilities at an office.     He was a remarkable man in so many ways.    He gave everyone, whether they believed as he did or not, a high standard to follow.    I can’t think of one thing in the way he conducted his life that would not be good to follow.

I am grateful for the many articles in the news this last week highlighting different aspects of his life.    They have comforted and inspired many hearts.     I want to stand a little taller, walk a little farther, speak a little gentler, love a little more … all of those things he exemplified.    I want to be more accepting, show more understanding,  and offer more forgiveness.

I pictured my parents sitting together holding hands as Lynn and I were as they watched and listened.  I know if they could have they would have.   It was a very comforting day.    President Hinckley was a man without guile … Christ like.    He has surely touched my life.

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  1. I have loved reading all the posts on blogs this last week about President Hinckley. He was an incredible man with an amazing spirit. I will miss hearing his words tremendously. I saw him speak in person a couple of times, but I wish I could have met him and shook his hand. He was an example to me while he was alive and he will continue to be an example to me for the rest of my life.