Old Dog … New Trick!

I am happy to announce … after a week and a half of intense practice …. drum roll please … I can now crochet baby booties!    I spent several “all nighters” crocheting and uncrocheting until I finally got it down just how I want it!    Yay for me!


The variegated pair was the first matching pair, then the cream colored, and then I decided to experiment for a pair for Ande … our adorable blue eyed old grand daughter who is ten months old and has extra chubby feet.    I really like how I was able to make them look like a shoe with the little ridge there on the sole.   I can’t wait to get into town and get some black yarn to try another pair that will look like a black pair of little girl’s shoes with a strap across and the white sock look underneath.  I have an idea for some little boy’s brown loafers with socks that I will try next. 



I think I’ve finally got them so they will hold up with laundering and am ready to produce for the Humanitarian Project!   And they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

2 Responses to “Old Dog … New Trick!”

  1. Those are so darling! Good for you. You will have to teach me your pattern when you come up.

  2. Good for you, they look great!!