Father’s Day … or Beetle Mania

Today was Father’s Day, which really has nothing to do with my story except that it names the day and perhaps gives you a clue that we are well into three digit hotness here in Ivins, Utah. The revolving sign at Walgreen’s gave us a solid 112 degrees this week, which is hotter than the […]

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Grandpa Aberquacky’s Timeliest Invention

Grandma Aberquacky was a little concerned as she watched the leaves change colors and begin to fall off the trees this one extremely particular year in Duck Creek. It was time to be shutting up the house and workshop, and getting things tightened down against another brrrrry, northern winter. Year after wintery year it had […]

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Today … A Trip in the Time Machine

Technorati Tags: old outhouse,growing up in 1950’s,Sunset Kid,Kit Carson,imagination       Okay … admittedly I have been a slacker.  I’ve spent hours trying to explain about dealing with Pulmonary Hypertension but it sounds like whining so I erase and  begin again. This time we will just move on to today.   Today we went for a ride […]


The Joy of Christmas Programs Past

I was feeling kind of bad that I hadn’t finished my Christmas Pasts … I mean there are so many good memories: School Christmas programs the kids were in all through the years:  I don’t want to get too particular (because they were all unique and special no matter how many we went to) but […]


Memories six, seven, & eight …

  Due to the fact that I am sick with bronchitis we will be combining memories 6, 7, and 8.    This picture is taken in either 1980 or 1981. Memory 6: See that little elf sitting just under the bells that are hanging on the wall?   His name is Ichabod and he has been in […]


The 4th Memory of Christmas, Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus

     Beautiful music stirs my arms to goose bumps. Maybe that’s why I always feel cold. One of the most challenging things I’ve done with my musical talent is participating in an organ/piano duet from Handel’s “Messiah” while Dad directed the Draper 4th Ward choir. Dad committed mother and I to do it long before […]


The fourth, no … third Memory of Christmas

Christmas Eve and (Almost) Five Years Old Edna Well, let’s see now…      When little Edna was (almost) five years old she was such a true believer in Santa Clause that it was inconceivable that there could be any doubt he existed.    By then, of course, she could remember what had happened the year before […]


Meet our turkey, Jon Pierre 1978/1979

Disclaimer to the Hancey’s and Henke children:  The memories are true and you will remember them all, but think of them as bits and snatches that have been floating around for almost 25 years.  I grabbed them one at a time and formed them into one big ball for the this story.   Please, please please, […]


The First Day of Christmas Memories

            “YES, THERE IS A SANTA CLAUSE”  Little Teddy with the permed, very, very curly hair and the smile that showcased her two missing front teeth, had some difficult decisions to make the year she turned eight.    And for an eight year old, it felt like it was pretty heavy.    It was mostly about Santa […]


Chapter One, The Contract

Midnight Reminiscing …      Oh I love the quiet of the night, when it’s just me and the Christmas lights.   I often find my mind taking me back to Christmas’s Past and the golden memories of happy times spent with friends and family; particularly to our own little flock of five.   I like to close […]

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