I Can and I Will

For several years now my need to write and share hasn’t been foremost in my mind like it was when I began blogging. I developed Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, a life altering illness, and for a time writing was not one of my priorities. It seemed more important to use whatever small parcel of energy allowed […]


If you want to be happy, give something away

I found this poem while going through a Christmas book that was given to my mother by one of her friends.  I quite liked its message and thought I would like to pass it along. Old Gentleman Gray … Author Unknown Said Old Gentleman Gray, “On Christmas Day, if you want to be happy give […]

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The Rest of The Story

I doubt it has even crossed your mind to wonder what was wrong with the van … but you still get to hear “the rest of the story”. The van had a little doohickey that needed adjusted.    The man called us and said we could either get a new part that would be around $200 […]


Today It was Costco or Bust …

Since today was a Costco day I went all out.   Even though it takes me twice as long to get beautified … I went for it.   No holds barred.   I even pulled out the ceramic hair straightener … I mean we’re talking BEAUTIFIED with eyebrows and a touch of mascara …  the whole schmole.  We […]


I’m blessed indeed; the world is mine …

I’ve been hearing some of the words of the following poem in my mind today.   It’s been one of my favorite poems since I was just a little girl.    The other thing that has been in my mind is a picture of  Albrecht Durer’s Praying Hands.     Mother gave me a small copy of this the […]


Free Advice

I wish I would take my own advice more often.   I know a lot of stuff.  I seem to know a plethora of stuff because of all the reading and living I do.    Oh yes, I have plenty of “know how”.   What I seem to not have enough of is “follow through” or I would […]


Top Ten from Two Thousand Ten!!

     Goodbye 2010.    When all is said and done, it was another beautiful year for our family.    News stations globally recount their best ten stories of the year and so shall I; although I can’t put them in order of importance.      So … in random order (drum roll please) Grandma Henke’s “Top Ten from Two […]


Alternate Thanksgiving Dinner

I’ll tell you what is the best medicine … grandchildren!     This is our “off” year  for Thanksgiving with most of our kids …  I mean, they DO have other sides of their families, after all.    Lynn and I considered having a fake Thanksgiving dinner out our house the Saturday or Sunday before Thanksgiving but we […]


Which Wolf Do you Feed?

My friend, Melanie, posted this on Facebook and I liked it so much I wanted to share and save it here.    I love Indian folklore and the wisdom found in stories like these                                        The Wolves Inside You An elder Native American was teaching his grandchildren about life. He said to them, "A fight is […]


I’ve Been Grilled!

I was honored to be highlighted today on Grandma’s Brief’s, an awesome blog by Lisa, a grandmother with a successful blog full of information to do with being grandparents.    Actually, it is full of information for everyone and has links to just about anything you can imagine to do with a family.       I love blogs […]

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