A breath of fresh air

Having recently spent time in the hospital in the Intensive Care Unit and subsequent third floor follow up, I feel a welling of gratitude for the people who took care of me in any way.   I say this in all honesty; there was not one person there who didn’t treat me kindly and generously.   I […]

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Up Up And Away …

Purple is the color that has been chosen to represent Pulmonary Hypertension.   It works for me since it’s one of my favorite colors anyway.   I wonder if they chose purple because we who have this disease turn purple without our oxygen.   I tried to find out why it was really chosen, but I couldn’t so […]


This ‘n That

It’s been hard on me knowing that my blog appears to have the same kind of health issues I do … and no one has hooked it up to a fresh supply of oxygen.    It’s apparent we just aren’t skippin’ along like the good old days anymore … either me or my blog. Lately it […]


My summer crop

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a yarn nut.   I love to crochet … and I tend to go crazy in yarn stores.    I’d tell you to “just ask Lynn” but I’m afraid he would tell you the truth and then you’d know just how much of a hoarder I am!   Truthfully, though, […]


So many Words … so little time

Thank goodness my man has fixed my computer.     Now I just need to have a block of time to sort through my notes and pictures so I can post … I will be back shortly!

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Rolling in Dough … Play-Doh, That Is!

Chloe, age 10, is the first of the eight invited guests to arrive at Grandma Henke’s Slumber Party and she is enticed by the two unopened packages  sitting on the kitchen table.    These Play-Doh Movie Snacks and Fun Factory were sent to me by Sarah Reynolds who works for a public relations firm.  (I couldn’t […]


Quality Assurance

Technorati Tags: quality assurance,free advice,blogging communities,darling grandchildren,unwanted advice,grandparents who give advice Do you ever wonder how many of the people who hit on your blog actually take the time to read it?   I mean besides the ones you hear from kind of regularly, and the family members and close friends.     I don’t know if I […]


Mom Was Always There For Me

I’m thinking warm and fuzzy thoughts of my mother tonight.  I remember her rocking me and singing me my favorite songs until surely her throat was sore from the effort.    I remember her putting pin curls in my hair at night so I would have pretty hair in the morning.   I remember her making home […]


Going Metal … but not hard rock

Yesterday I was having a panic attack over getting a “metal” roof on our older home built in 1975.   Probably 99.9 percent of our small city, has standard roofs made of clay tiles or old time shingles.    The metal roofs that came to my mind were roofs in the form of wavy corrugated sheets of […]


I have a mother and I am a mother so I know love.

I was notified of the “All About Parenting Blog Carnival” and decided I’d like to participate by submitting a post I wrote in 2008.       If you would like to enter your thoughts on motherhood for this blog carnival follow the link above.    It will be fun to read all of the entries on motherhood at […]