What a Wonderful World ….

And I say to myself …. This little boy is awesome! His rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” brought tears to my eyes! This song is the perfect end to my fun, fun day. Thank you Oleg!       Today began as any other and who could have imagined the fun that was in […]

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Today It was Costco or Bust …

Since today was a Costco day I went all out.   Even though it takes me twice as long to get beautified … I went for it.   No holds barred.   I even pulled out the ceramic hair straightener … I mean we’re talking BEAUTIFIED with eyebrows and a touch of mascara …  the whole schmole.  We […]


At a Loss for Words?

Here are some fun new words that were recently made official and they will become a part of future dictionaries.   In an article by Betsy Towner there is a list of 50 words in our latest edition of the AARP Bulletin.      You would expect to find words like viral, unfriend,  and tweet but here are […]


These Pain Relief Patches Are Recommendable

I received an inquiry a couple of months ago to see if I was interested in reviewing Salonpas Pain Relief Patches.    Since I have my share of aches and pains (do you think they are age related?) I thought this might be an interesting study for us Boomers, so I agreed and they sent me […]


Take A Deep Breath …

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth but I’ve been busy relocating!    We are now back in Ivins and rambling around in our home that now appears MUCH bigger than it did before 5 months of living in our motor home.   I’m bummed that I didn’t keep up with my journal and blog […]


From Our Back Yard …

This trail leads to the ocean from our RV park at Copalis Beach.   There was a road that went clear down but a storm washed it out.  Note I have cropped half of my body from the picture … the reason is obvious!   Half of it is quite enough!    Just over the bridge you get […]


Kite Festival on the Beach

As we drove towards Grayland today I was thinking the Kite Festival was going to be impossible because of the fog/mist that has come in from the ocean the past few days.   I expected to see a meager showing of kites.    Boy was I wrong!   What an awesome day for a Kite Festival!     Notice how […]


Picture This …

  Ryan, remember the coke in the face story?    Well, this is me sitting on the ground yesterday after I hit a pot hole and twisted my ankle.  I had a mug full of diet coke and the lid flew off and all the diet coke went into my own face just before I did […]



I don’t know why these pictures have so much space between … don’t think it is over until you go scroll down to the bottom. This needlework picture caught my eye … since it is hanging right to the left of the door of our motor home.   It’s almost 44 years old now. I didn’t […]


Our Front Porch

       Okay, friends … imagine one old man who looks a little like Archie Bunker.    Those of you who are too young to imagine Archie Bunker are just outta luck, I guess.     His name is Bob and he has a little dog named Tom.     Second man looks like  a tall skinny Archie Bunker and his […]