Father’s Day … or Beetle Mania

Today was Father’s Day, which really has nothing to do with my story except that it names the day and perhaps gives you a clue that we are well into three digit hotness here in Ivins, Utah. The revolving sign at Walgreen’s gave us a solid 112 degrees this week, which is hotter than the […]

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What a Wonderful World ….

And I say to myself …. This little boy is awesome! His rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” brought tears to my eyes! This song is the perfect end to my fun, fun day. Thank you Oleg!       Today began as any other and who could have imagined the fun that was in […]

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Today … A Trip in the Time Machine

Technorati Tags: old outhouse,growing up in 1950’s,Sunset Kid,Kit Carson,imagination       Okay … admittedly I have been a slacker.  I’ve spent hours trying to explain about dealing with Pulmonary Hypertension but it sounds like whining so I erase and  begin again. This time we will just move on to today.   Today we went for a ride […]


Over The River and Through The Woods …

It is literally over the river and through the woods to this Grandmother’s house in Duval, Washington.    I can just picture it from the viewpoint of sitting in a sleigh with a horse high stepping it to the jingling cascade of Christmas bells.    Of course, I would be tucked beneath several layers of warm blankets, […]


This ‘n That, Chit ‘n Chat

Being just a hop, skip and a jump away from May is just unreal.   Time doesn’t seem to keep a steady pace; it either speeds or crawls … or both.   It crawls when you are waiting for something, speeds when you have a deadline.    Most of my winter was spent waiting; waiting for appointments, waiting […]


Support Groups

My writing these days has been to the diary of a support group I’ve found that has been set up for people with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.   It seems like that (that being the disease) has been on my mind a lot the last four months (I wonder why) and I haven’t felt it was appropriate […]


Free Advice

I wish I would take my own advice more often.   I know a lot of stuff.  I seem to know a plethora of stuff because of all the reading and living I do.    Oh yes, I have plenty of “know how”.   What I seem to not have enough of is “follow through” or I would […]


Luv Luv Luv That Winter Sun!

It was our first real nippy day here in the desert and from the warmth and safety of our home I’ve loved it.     I love Fall but I also love when Fall weather starts morphing into Winter.   Here in Southern Utah, that’s about where it stops most of the time … right in the middle […]


Better to have rambled than to have had no thought at all …

Lynn went up north to a family reunion and I am semi alone at home.     I’m not completely alone because I have children and grandchildren who pop in to check on me and a beautiful set of 16 year old girls in the extra bedroom who are spending the night.     But I miss Lynn when […]



I don’t know why these pictures have so much space between … don’t think it is over until you go scroll down to the bottom. This needlework picture caught my eye … since it is hanging right to the left of the door of our motor home.   It’s almost 44 years old now. I didn’t […]