I Can and I Will

For several years now my need to write and share hasn’t been foremost in my mind like it was when I began blogging. I developed Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, a life altering illness, and for a time writing was not one of my priorities. It seemed more important to use whatever small parcel of energy allowed […]


What a Wonderful World ….

And I say to myself …. This little boy is awesome! His rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” brought tears to my eyes! This song is the perfect end to my fun, fun day. Thank you Oleg!       Today began as any other and who could have imagined the fun that was in […]

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The 4th Memory of Christmas, Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus

     Beautiful music stirs my arms to goose bumps. Maybe that’s why I always feel cold. One of the most challenging things I’ve done with my musical talent is participating in an organ/piano duet from Handel’s “Messiah” while Dad directed the Draper 4th Ward choir. Dad committed mother and I to do it long before […]


The First Day of Christmas Memories

            “YES, THERE IS A SANTA CLAUSE”  Little Teddy with the permed, very, very curly hair and the smile that showcased her two missing front teeth, had some difficult decisions to make the year she turned eight.    And for an eight year old, it felt like it was pretty heavy.    It was mostly about Santa […]


Chapter One, The Contract

Midnight Reminiscing …      Oh I love the quiet of the night, when it’s just me and the Christmas lights.   I often find my mind taking me back to Christmas’s Past and the golden memories of happy times spent with friends and family; particularly to our own little flock of five.   I like to close […]

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Peace In Our Hearts

       Water retention is an ongoing problem with me and I often take my rings and watch off, put my watch band through the rings, then shut the clasp and put them in my travel jewelry box for safe keeping.    So I didn’t think anything of it when I was shopping and  subconsciously ran my […]


The Best Medicine For Me

I probably don’t have many readers left after all this time.    It’s been such a six months!    Just a quick update on me … some days I feel better and some days I don’t.   There is no change in the medicine yet but the doctor was going to try for a third time to get […]


Support Groups

My writing these days has been to the diary of a support group I’ve found that has been set up for people with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.   It seems like that (that being the disease) has been on my mind a lot the last four months (I wonder why) and I haven’t felt it was appropriate […]


The Rest of The Story

I doubt it has even crossed your mind to wonder what was wrong with the van … but you still get to hear “the rest of the story”. The van had a little doohickey that needed adjusted.    The man called us and said we could either get a new part that would be around $200 […]


I’m blessed indeed; the world is mine …

I’ve been hearing some of the words of the following poem in my mind today.   It’s been one of my favorite poems since I was just a little girl.    The other thing that has been in my mind is a picture of  Albrecht Durer’s Praying Hands.     Mother gave me a small copy of this the […]