What a Wonderful World ….

And I say to myself …. This little boy is awesome! His rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” brought tears to my eyes! This song is the perfect end to my fun, fun day. Thank you Oleg!       Today began as any other and who could have imagined the fun that was in […]

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Over The River and Through The Woods …

It is literally over the river and through the woods to this Grandmother’s house in Duval, Washington.    I can just picture it from the viewpoint of sitting in a sleigh with a horse high stepping it to the jingling cascade of Christmas bells.    Of course, I would be tucked beneath several layers of warm blankets, […]


Top Ten from Two Thousand Ten!!

     Goodbye 2010.    When all is said and done, it was another beautiful year for our family.    News stations globally recount their best ten stories of the year and so shall I; although I can’t put them in order of importance.      So … in random order (drum roll please) Grandma Henke’s “Top Ten from Two […]


Okay … Just a few more shots …

These are two of my favorite things.    Oh how I love this man!    This was one the last sunsets we enjoyed before we left the coast and headed up to Warren’s.   It was actually a pretty chilly summer but we didn’t mind at all, particularly since we went there to get out of the heat! […]


This ‘n That …

We took dinner in to our neighbors tonight.   Lynn made his absolutely mouth watering delicious honey chicken to serve over wild rice with sides of steamed veggies and cold fruit.    He tripled the recipe so that we could eat some and even have left overs.     We delivered the meal to the folks next door and […]


Amateur Photography … but … still …

Mossy covered trees covered in dust from the well used gravel road.   Kind of eerie, huh?   This looks like the perfect spot for a scary movie.   I for one would hate to be alone in this forest in the dark.   I loved this lazy river.   I imagine there are plenty of times it is […]


I Just have Three Questions …

        On our way to the beach on this blustery day we stopped for drinks and sandwiches to eat once we drove out onto the packed, wet sand to find a good place to park our little car     We do that every now and then; drive down to the water’s front, point ourselves straight out […]


From Our Back Yard …

This trail leads to the ocean from our RV park at Copalis Beach.   There was a road that went clear down but a storm washed it out.  Note I have cropped half of my body from the picture … the reason is obvious!   Half of it is quite enough!    Just over the bridge you get […]


Kite Festival on the Beach

As we drove towards Grayland today I was thinking the Kite Festival was going to be impossible because of the fog/mist that has come in from the ocean the past few days.   I expected to see a meager showing of kites.    Boy was I wrong!   What an awesome day for a Kite Festival!     Notice how […]


Picture This …

  Ryan, remember the coke in the face story?    Well, this is me sitting on the ground yesterday after I hit a pot hole and twisted my ankle.  I had a mug full of diet coke and the lid flew off and all the diet coke went into my own face just before I did […]