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My site, “Grandma Henke” was established in 2007.

I retired May 1st, 2007, from a 25 year career as the director of a non profit agency that assists people with developmental disabilities. Lynn is the man I have loved since 1965.  We have 5 children and 18 grandchildren and we’ve laughed and cried our way through a lot of learning experiences. Out of the two of us he is the only one who understands how to use the new TV and its various remotes. He is also good at correcting my errors on the computer.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I’m grateful that I am and can’t help but talk about my beliefs and the joy that I have in my life because of them. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. The answers that I have about who I am (where I lived before this life, why I am here, and where I am going when I die)help me to have peace in our troubled world.

I like to laugh. It’s the easiest way to get through life and, after all, laugh lines show character. I’m a simple person at heart. Small things bring me pleasure. Life has a way of working out if you don’t interfere with it too much.

The beautiful Red Mountain you see on the top of my blog is the backdrop to Ivins, where we’ve lived for the last 35 years … down in the southwest corner of Utah.

My motivation for staying on top of technology is keeping in close touch with our large family, one family that lives in the Seattle area and another family in North Dakota.    My family members and I keep in touch through Skype, emails, cellular phones, texts, and Messenger. It makes us feel we aren’t so far apart.

I have loved writing all of my life. It’s just what I do. I almost love it when something unusual happens to me, because I know when the pain or humiliation of it is over it will make a great story to tell and retell. I love playing with the words until they fit just like I want them to.

I joined NaNoWriMo (NaNoWriMo.com) and wrote two novels (which I need to finish editing, but that’s not as much fun as writing them). They were tremendous experiences and writing fiction woke up a part of my brain that lead me to enjoy crocheting and drawing once again.

When my husband retired, we bought a used motor home and found we have an unusual amount of gypsy blood in our veins. In 2009 we spent 6 months in Washington state (mostly on the beach) and continued until the Fall of 2012. That is when I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and everything came to an abrupt hault as far as traveling in the motor home goes. I can no longer go higher in elevation.

As I browse my previous blogs, I see that my illness has had a big, negative impact on my blogging. I’m hoping to change that from now on as there are many things I have the urge to express myself about. My memory is getting worse and if I don’t write things down I will forget them!

If you find my blog interesting I welcome you to come back as often as you’d like. I love comments and I also love getting to know people online. We have a lot to learn from each other. I welcome questions or other points of view, but if someone makes derogatory comments about my believe in Jesus Christ or my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints they will be blocked. The same goes for offensive or vulgar language. They wouldn’t only be offending me but you would be offending my family and many of my followers.

If you have questions or want to talk to me privately, my email is: grandmahenke@gmail.com

Edna Henke

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  1. I love your photos of Utah. The love of my life (since 1955) hiked to Angels Landing in Zion back in 1995 — and this cute young thing asked very respectfully how old he was (75) and told him he inspired her!

    I’d love to link to your blog on mine. Let me know if this is okay.

    Best, Sally

  2. Wow, I like your blog. It has been forever since I’ve seen any of the Henkes. sounds like all is well with you. Ryan sounds good.

  3. Hi Edna, How are you doing? I tired to find your phone and had no luck, so where is the next place to go? The trusty internet. Call me when you can 801-828-0321 Love, Ann

  4. Congrats on your site. You should be applauded foe choosing to stay current on technology. I’m of grandparenting age but my children have made the correct choices and are waiting to get married before having children.

    There are so many technology choices one can make to achieve your goals……sharing pictures on line, SKYPE, Google Docs , and other “Free” tools available.

    I’d welcome the opportunity to contribute to your discussion


  5. hi hows it going, heard you were sick last week from mom. i was too i feel you pain how are you now im geting better. BJ is starting to learn how to drive a car on the roads scary. Jons doing good and thats all i have to say about that. on a postive not ron is doing good at the airport. Hows your family doing, hey i also need to get your email so that we Instant messenger each other. love kathy and jeremy

  6. I love your beautiful photo of Red Mountain at the top of your blog.

  7. Hello Neighbors in Ivins

    Love your articles. I’m following you on Twitter.

    All the Best!

  8. I LOVE you!!!! 🙂

  9. Are you related to any Henke’s from Kansas City or Brunswick, Missouri? My Dad, Albert Henke, passed away in March 2009 and my Mom, Mary Henke, just last week…They had just published a book, “Adventures Under Fire!” about World War II. Just wondering if we are related…

    Nancy Henke-Konopasek

  10. I will have to get back with you on this Nancy! I have a brother in law who is really into research and genealogy. I’ll forward him your address! That would be cool if we were! It would give us an excuse for more travel!

  11. I am the Guide to Grandparents on About.com, and I have a new feature where grandparent bloggers can talk about their blogs. If you will click on my link and then click on my picture, you’ll get to a spot where you can email me. I’ll be hoping to hear from you!

  12. I just wanted to say I love your site and it’s so inspiring to see older adults blogging.

    I work for an online senior’s magazine and most of family/friends don’t believe that seniors are actually using the internet.

  13. i love your blog! I am also a Grandparent…(: What
    a gift it is……..
    I recently published a Children’s Book, ” Addie’s
    World.” Addie is my little GRAND…..
    i would like to share my book with you.
    also on Barnes and Nobles.
    Addie’s World, Deanna L Severs, (9781936352388) Paperback – Barnes & Noble
    Deanna L. Severs

  14. Wow! Living in the warmth of southern Utah and roaming in an RV sounds like retirement heaven to me. One more year and I will be heading toward the red rocks myself.

  15. I’m hoping you will want to review the new book, “My Grandma Lives in Florida,” from the award-winning team of Shankman & O’Neill. Here’s a link to an electronic version of the book. (Please give it a good 60 seconds to open.):


    If you send me an email address, I’ll be happy to forward a jpeg of the book cover along with a news release containing background information. As you can imagine, we want to reach as many grandparents and grandchildren as possible with this funny and touching story about the unique relationship between a grandmother and her grandson. We hope you will call it to the attention of your readers.


    Ed Shankman

  16. How is your book coming along in sales? I am ready to pick up where I left off when I got very ill with pulmonary hypertension. Modern medicine and God have given me a second chance. If you still want me to review your book please send me the information. grandmahenke@gmail.com Thank you and best of luck with your book.

    Edna Henke

  17. You asked in another post who the composer of Ichabod Elf is. If you still want to know, it is Grietje Rowley. Merry Christmas!

  18. Thank you. I will try to put that in my post. Merry Christmas to you, too.

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